About Big Sister

About Big Sister


Voyeur sex dreams and wishes are realized with ease!

Watch guys hook up with amateur girls, all for FREE in exchange for being captured by hidden cameras. See individuals pair off or have group fun in our swinger parties. Whatever your desire and curiosity is, you will be more than satisfied by our huge library of hidden cam and live voyeur clips of all the heated action in a Prague brothel.

The site has over 8,000 voyeur videos with dozens added every day. Extensive footage covered everything you can imagine: deep blowjobs, gangbangs, domination, lesbian, anal, cumshots, interracial, big tits, round asses, toys, lingerie, and more.

No other site shows the reality without any censorship. NO Actors, NO screenplay - REAL people came to have fun, to have REAL sex captured in REAL time. All amateur sex scenes were filmed at BIG SISTER NIGHTCLUB.


Over 50,000 amateurs and counting have visited the club.

Watch thousands of hours of live recordings of punters, private couples and swingers on a fuck frenzy as exhibitionists.

Over 120 BigSister girls provides free sex to punters.

70+ “Behind the scene” porn productions are available.

58 hidden cameras and handycams filmed live activities of the club.


Live Voyeur Videos: Hidden cameras missed nothing and have captured over 12,000 scenes and counting.

Live Voyeur Streaming: When we have events and special parties at Big Sister Nightclub, everything will be streamed live and in realtime.

Private Couples: The moaning is real and the action is hot.

Swingers: Take a sneak peek of swinger parties showcasing the lifestyle of exhibitionists.

Punters: “Johns” from all walks of life get free sex in exchange for them giving up their video rights.

“Behind the Scene” Porn Productions: See what can go wrong, goes wrong, when trying to film the perfect scene.

Big Sister News: Be informed about future parties and events!

The Chat: You can express your views and can interact with other members and moderators. Make a request of what you want to see!


For the Voyeur and the Curious alike, see what really happens in a brothel. Considered as one of the top 10 brothels in the world by AskMen, watch how things get heated up in a luxurious and stylish environment. Spy how people interact with hot, sexy girls in the dance and bar area. Watch the foreplay and ultimately amateur sex-play in one of Big Sister’s fantasy theme rooms. All the guests get free sex in exchange for their video rights for you to see!

The club is also used for holding swinger party events and nights exclusively for private couples. Sign-up to receive live, recorded coverage of the next event.

No script, no direction – only live sex behind doors that are normally closed, but caught live with hidden cameras.


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  • Mühlegasse 12/A
  • 6340 Baar, Switzerland
  • reg. no.: CH - - 9
  • “Big Sister Playground - Click Image Below to Explore”

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