Get Rich, promote the Reality!

Get Rich, promote the Reality!

Welcome to the world of Real Sex!

The Big Sister concept is probably the most revolutionary thing that hit the adult entertainment in years.

Do you want to make money from the Reality unleashed? From the unique concept attracting the surfers as well as the mainstream media?

What's different?

Are your surfers bored from conventional porn? Do they have very strong sense of voyeurism? Or are they only too much into the amateur porn?

Someone might say that this is probably the only 100pct. pure reality concept that ever hit the internet. Attracting the mainstream audience as well as women!

The Program

Our standard Program is a 50 / 50 revshare, as simple as that. To make it crystal clear: you get half of the net revenue (where we share with you the billing costs) per life of the member.

You also get a 5 pct. two tier for any webmaster you reffer to us.

To secure the payments will be on time and there is a reliable shave free solution in place we have launched this program as a CCBILL affiliate program.

Promo Materials

Whatever you would like to use: banners, full page ads, bloopers and outtakes or even a piece of archived mainstream media that reviewed our concept to prove it's real. Whatever custom you would need just give us a shout!


Not only that we are here to take care about any problems or custom requests you may have.

We hear you! This program deserves to be continuously improved and we value the voice of our affiliates!

Why Big Sister Live?

  • Bear in mind that this is the only or probably one of the very few sites that offered exclusive live content backed up with daily updates and 5 years of archives plus special events for a flat fee membership
  • Promote the content people won't find anywhere else! Impress the experienced surfers that are bored from the conventional porn!
  • We bill in EURO!
  • If you have international traffic, the better! German and Italian traffic convert very well with us and we are looking forward to explore new markets!
  • We are also the only program in the world that lets its webmasters get laid!

International webmasters

If you are a strong regionally recognized webmaster possesing national traffic, interested to promote the mainstream appeal of the project to a new territory, we will consider a customisation of the site.

Get rich! Sign up and promote the reality!



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